A Lakeland Adventure

September 1, 2010 § 2 Comments

For a while now I have been wanting to discover more of the Uk as I unfortunately have never really been able to explore much of our northern regions, where the landscapes change from the flatter farmland and windswept beaches that I am familiar with here in North Norfolk. So in an attempt to change this I packed the car with my camping kit and drove myself and my girlfriend off to the lake district for just over a week of exploring.

I had visited the Lake District only once before and was captivated by the complete change of landscape and lifestyle it possessed. I only had one major aim for the trip and it was to shoot as many time lapses of the landscapes as possible. The main reason for this was because I had just bought my intervalometer of ebay that would work with the 5DMkii. It was only a cheap £33.00 one from China but im really impressed with it. it’s very easy to use does everything it needs to and is pretty weather proof. The only odd thing about it is that  there is no off and on switch so you have to flip the battery over to save power? Other than that I would say get on ebay and buy one from 1zenet’s store.

We started off our trip at a remote farm campsite about 8 miles away from Coniston called Birchbank, which was a really great place and some great places to explore close to hand. The first evening I noticed that one of the tents near us n a hill looked pretty cool, so probably looking a bit shifty sneaking about the campsite in the dark with a camera and tripod I took this picture of the tent against a nearby fell and night sky.

The second night in I encountered my first problem of the trip. Like an idiot, in the evening I went to the car to get the camera and noticed a bit of dirt in my view finder and for some reason took the lens off and with-in an instant it happened. The lens, sensor and inside of the camera misted up, due to change in temperature. NOT GOOD! luckily it sorted itself out over time and I was not left with any signs of damage.


With my time lapses I was trying to capture the vast scenery that the Lake district has to offer, so I spent a lot of my time climbing to the top of fells (mountains) in order to get some perspective and drama. When up there normally it would be quite breezy, so I would find shelter and get the tripod as low as possible, so it would be less prone to wobble and begin. Most of the time the clouds were moving quite fast so I opted for an interval time of 3 seconds which seemed to work quite well, plus with knowing that I will be working with a 25fps timeline, I knew I would have to shoot about 300 frames to get about 8 seconds worth of playback time. I had decided to only take one lens with me to save on space and that was the 24-70mm f2.8 L-Series. I went for this lens as it covers the landscape range perfectly and it would also give me the option to shoot wide open if I needed to.

Overall I managed to make 13 time lapses and you can see the results below. I would have loved some of the night sky, but unfortunately cloud cover kept spoiling every attempt. In one case while staying at the Great Langdale campsite, I woke up at about 1.00am after not being able to sleep. I poked my head out of the tent door and looked up. The sky was full of stars and it looked as if i was staring at the milky way! I grabbed my camera and an extra top and headed into a nearby sheep field where there was open space. I got ready and in the short space of time I took to get ready, all of the stars had vanished. I sat out there for about another hour with no joy. However at one point I did keep hearing some strange grunting noises, so I flicked on my head torch and turned around to find I was surrounded by about 6-7 badgers that were eating the slugs off of he wet floor. needless to say they seemed as surprised to see me as I was to see them and they quickly scampered off.

While up in the mountains, I also made a point of shooting some panoramic’s, these really do give the idea of just how vast the landscapes were and how small you feel in them.

Also typical of most mountains, there was a lot of water that was flowing in little streams and rivers. These became a bit of an obsession with me and I must have spent many hours in total trying to get the best angles and energy across in the photos. All of these were shot at an aperture of f22 and a shutter of about 5 seconds to give the silky smooth texture to the water. All in all it was a really great trip and I was sorry to leave this adventure playground that is known as Lakeland. I will have to head back again soon and definitely take a trip to see this place in the winter as I would imagine it would be another new experience. All the best images from the trip will be added to my website shortly.


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