Happisburgh – Finally ONLINE

February 26, 2011 § Leave a comment

When I was studying in my last year of university, I became very interested in documentary filmmaking, and as a result I belive its had a very lasting effect on my style of work. One film in particular I made was Happisburgh. It’s a film which I spent 7 months making about the village of Happisburgh, a village that due to its position on north Norfolk coast, it is very prone to coastal erosion. So much so that year after year several feet of the land fall into the North sea along with any homes that may have been built on it.

It’s a terribly sad story for a select number of residents in Happisburgh, but i wanted to try to tell the story from their point of view instead of as a brief summer on the tea time news. I also worked with my good friend James de Ara on this who, while I was filming, he was photographing the residents and the scenes along the shoreline.

Any how, the film played a very big part of my final year and I was awarded a 1st for it, only in the rush of getting copies out to the residents and into film festivals, I never kept a mastered copy for myself. Then as time past the raw footage that was on various hard-drives got swapped around and if you open the project up today, I would probably be looking at a good few days of reconnecting the media to it. However, I have a copy again now and its finally online in full.
it’s really interesting seeing the project again as its been about 3 years since I have last watched it. I would love to go back and shoot something like this again now, with what I know and my sexy HDSLR kit, but I think I should just look at it as inspiration to instead shoot something else.


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